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Safety is our First Priority

Whether it is safety on the trail or with transportation or in the lodging, we don't cut any corners.   Our trips are small, ranging from 7 - 11 clients.  However, the efforts to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 is no exception.   

COVID-19 Transmission Mitigation Actions

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All clients and crew will either be vaccinated or have proof of a negative test.

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Masks will be required during whenever outside of the house or around others in public per local regulations.  Masks not required when with our group in the house or the van.

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Surface Cleaning

All common surfaces will be cleaned daily including all van surfaces.

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Temp and Symptom Check

All clients and crew will be checked for temp and symptoms upon arrival.

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Hand Washing

Hand sanitizer will be readily available and clients will be encouraged to wash often.

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Infection Notification

Clients and crew will be required to notify management of any infections within 14 days after a trip so that others can be notified.